The Rensselaer Housing Authority is governed by a five-member Board of Commissioners. The Mayor of Rensselaer appoints the board members who each serve a five year term. Rensselaer Housing Authority also has one Resident Commissioner who serves a two year term.

The Commissioners are the governing officers of the Housing Authority. Their responsibilities include setting policies, approving budgets and ensuring that the Housing Authority operates within the law and according to HUD regulations.

Rensselaer Housing Authority’s Executive Director serves the Board and is responsible for managing the staff, overseeing company assets, optimizing financial operations, overseeing and streamlines daily operations, advising board of organized activities.

The Board of Commissioners meets every 3rd Tuesday of every month at 4:30 pm. All meetings are open to the public. Those who wish to address the Board must contact the Executive Director (518-436-0230) at least forty-eight hours before the scheduled board meeting to be added to the agenda.


Scott Rogers

Vice Chairwomen

Emily Blakeslee


Johanna Burnham
Timothy Bayly
Terance Ruso

Resident Commissioner

Sarah Granger

Legal Counsel

Jack Casey, Esquire
Molly Casey, Esquire

Executive Director

Marianne Ogren

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