Public Housing

Rensselaer Housing Authority has two housing complexes. John Warden Apartments which houses 86 Apartments in a courtyard setting and Patroons Dorp which consists of 60 townhouse units, in total RHA has 146 apartments:


Our job is to provide safe and decent housing. We feel we can say with confidence that our units meet and exceed this mandate. Although no one can guarantee that there will not be a problem, we work very hard to provide the best housing. Both housing complexes are protected by Security cameras which are accessible to the Rensselaer Police Department.

We do not have in house security or our own police force. We rely on the experience and dedicated police department that serves our community. We work closely with the police to identify any problems at RHA.

Our office documents all complaints that we receive. This is how we ensure against any repeat offenders of the lease so that our units maintain a high quality and peaceful setting for our residents.

You also need to do your part. Report any problems immediately to the office. To ensure we do not have bedbugs or roaches Integrated Pest Management (IPM) comes first Friday of each month.


Below you will find a copy of our Income Limits, Lease for Public Housing, and Admission and Continued Occupancy Policy (“ ACOP”).

Income Limits
Lease For Public Housing (PDA)
Lease For Public Housing (RHA)
Continued Occupancy Policy (ACOP)


Cindy Ryan

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