Please always call 911 first for major emergencies such as: fire, flood, criminal activity, vandalism and smell of natural gas.

To place a work order during business hours:

If you have an EMERGENCY repair AFTER business hours:

Our maintenance staff takes care of all general repairs. Routine service calls usually take 1 to 5 days to complete. Of course, emergencies are given top priority and include such problems as: sewer back up, heating problems, non – working toilets, electrical.

All routine work orders must be called in by phone during business hours. Please leave your name, address, permission to enter and what needs to be repaired.

Residents are not charged for normal wear and tear. However, if damage is caused due to tenant abuse or negligence, the resident will be charged. A list of charges is posted in the lobby of the main office.

Maintenance Supervisor
Wykeim Anderson
Maintenance Staff
Rick Wark III
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